Terms and Conditions

Clause 1 - Object

1.1. These general terms and conditions of sale apply to sales made through the website www.mimo2.pt, between Mimo 2 - Distribuidora Novidades, Lda., taxpayer n. º 501 053 689, based in Rua Cruz de Pedra, number 66, 4700-219 Braga, and e-mail address mimo2@mimo2.pt, hereinafter referred to as Mimo 2, and the Customer, regulating the rights and obligations of the parties.

1.2. Before placing an order, the Customer must carefully read these general conditions of sale. Within a maximum period of five days after completing the order, the Customer will receive, by e-mail, a message with these general conditions of sale, so that he can keep his information for the time necessary to protect his interests.

1.3. With the electronic submission of the order, the Customer expresses the acceptance of these terms and general conditions of sale.

1.4Mimo 2 may change these terms and conditions of sale, at any time and with immediate effect. Without prejudice, the amendments shall only apply to contracts concluded after their publication.


Clause 2 - Registration Process

2.1. To make your purchases through the site www.mimo2.pt, the Customer must register in advance.

2.2. Registration is free and will be done by inserting your personal data in the electronic fields destined for the purpose, and the data included in the database of Mimo 2. The personal data of the Client is protected according to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

2.3. The Customer guarantees the accuracy of the data that it inserts in the register, assuming the responsibility for the inaccuracy of the data that it inserts.

2.4. The Customer is responsible for all uses of his account, whose access is restricted, as well as protected by the username and password indicated by him.

2.5. The Client undertakes to immediately inform Mimo 2 of any abusive or unauthorized use of its account, by e-mail mimo2@mimo2.pt, so that it may block its access


Clause 3 - Product Order

3.1. Ordering products can only be carried out by adults.

3.2. Mimo 2 may withdraw at any time and freely any offer presented on the site, however, not being affected by orders already confirmed.

3.3. The order of products starts with the selection of the products, placing them in the shopping cart.

3.4. The order will only be accepted after your payment.

3.5. The order is considered accepted only and the contract is concluded, after Mimo 2 sends to the Customer an email confirming the order and the payment.


Clause 4 - Delivery and Shipping

4.1. The products will be dispatched within a maximum of one working day, after confirming the order. If the order is made after 4:30 pm, it is considered only for the purpose of counting the delivery date, on the following business day.

4.2. The estimated time of delivery of the order to European Union countries, with the exception of Italy, is five to seven business days. For other countries, the foreseeable deadline will be informed upon order.

4.3. The cost of shipping will be informed to the Customer during the ordering process.

4.4. Where, before the conclusion of the contract, the costs of transport, delivery and postal charges, customs fees and any other charges cannot be reasonably calculated, this shall be mentioned in the ordering process.

4.5. If the order is not received or picked up by the Customer in the time and place defined for the delivery and it is returned to the source, it is considered that there has been a tacit resolution of the Customer, applying the provisions of clause 7.

4.6. The periods referred to in this clause are merely indicative forecasts, assuming normal operation of the distribution and transportation services, and may occur exceptional circumstances and strange to Mimo 2, for which it will not be responsible in case of delay in the expected date of delivery.


Clause 5 – Prices

5.1. The prices are presented in euros and include VAT at the legal rate in force, which will be presented in detail when ordering the products.

5.2. Prices do not include costs and shipping costs, which will be indicated, in an autonomous heading, at the order completion.

5.3. In sales to countries outside the European Union the price will increase customs duties and taxes in these countries.

5.4. Prices and other descriptions are subject to change without notice. Any change in prices will only be reflected on new orders and not on any others already completed.


Clause 6 - Payment options

6.1. The means of payment available are as follows:

a) Payment through Paypal;

b) Payment by bank transfer;

c) Cash or cash on delivery.

6.2. Cash on delivery is only possible for countries in the European Union.


Clause 7 - Right of Free Resolution

7.1. The Client has the right of free resolution of the purchase made, within 14 calendar days, without having to indicate any reason. The deadline for exercising the right of free resolution expires 14 days from the day following that in which, by himself or in person, acquires the physical possession of the goods.

7.2. In order to exercise its right of free resolution, the Client must communicate the resolution to Mimo 2 by letter to the following address: Mimo 2 - Distribuidora Novidades, Lda., Rua Cruz de Pedra, number 66, 4700-219 Braga.

7.3. Alternatively, the resolution can be made via email to the address mimo2@mimo2.pt. If the Client makes use of this possibility, he will also be sent, by electronic mail, a notice of receipt of the request for resolution.

7.4. In the communication of the resolution, the Client may use the form included in ANNEX A of these conditions of sale. The use of the form is not mandatory.

7.5. In order for the deadline for compliance to be respected, it is sufficient that the communication is sent before its expiry, regardless of the date on which it was received.

7.6. The Customer must return the products to Mimo 2 within a maximum of 14 days, counted from the date of the resolution, being obliged to send the product to the following address: Mimo 2 - Distribuidora Novidades, Lda., Rua Cruz de Pedra, number 66, 4700-219 Braga.

7.7. The Customer must return the products in the exact state in which he/she received them, at the risk of loss or damage of the products on your account from the moment you have taken physical possession of them until Mimo 2 receives the return. The Customer is responsible for the depreciation of the products resulting from their manipulation to an extent that exceeds what is strictly necessary to verify their nature, characteristics and operation, within a very diligent inspection criterion.

7.8.  Mimo 2 is obligated to reimburse the Customer for the amount of the purchase described, including the shipping costs of the product to the Customer, within 14 days after the resolution. However, reimbursement will be withheld until the products are effectively returned.

7.9. In turn, the Customer will bear the costs related to the return of the products of the depicted purchase.



Clause 8 - Applicable law and alternative dispute resolution

8.1. Sales made through the website www.mimo2.pt apply to the Portuguese law.

8.2. n the event of a dispute, the consumer Consumer may resort to the following alternative dispute resolution entity (RAL): CIAB - Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem e Arbitragem de Consumo (Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo), based in Rua. D. Afonso Henriques, n.º 1 (Ed. da Junta de Freguesia da Sé), 4700-030 BRAGA, Cellphone: 253 617 604, Fax: 253 617 605, E-mail: geral@ciab.pt.






Free resolution form template


- For: Mimo 2 - Distribuidora Novidades, Lda., Rua Cruz de Pedra, number 66, 4700-219 Braga - - I hereby inform you that I have resolved my contract of sale for the following goods______________

- Requested in ___/___/______ and received in ___/___/______

- Invoice Correspondents n. º _________________

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