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Created in 1980, by António Pedro Veloso, the actual owner,Mimo 2 started up being a specialized traditional toy store, with a small reserved area for miniature automobiles, one of the owner's many passions.

In 1984, passion takes control and Mimo 2 starts dedicating itself, exclusively to the miniature automobiles, leaving the traditional toys as a backup. Mimo 2 transforms into a privileged miniature automobile store.


Thanks to the owner’s passion, knowledge and dedication, Mimo 2 becomes one of the biggest references in the miniature’s world.

A constant presence in the big international fairs, Mimo 2 achieved exclusivity of some of the most prestiged miniature automobile trademarks internationally recognized such as, BBR MODELS, BROOKLIN MODELS, CARBONE-ILARIO, LOOKSMART, MR COLLECTION and TECNOMODELS .

In 1990 the 1st step to internationalization takes place, and Mimo 2 begins sending models for many European countries.

Apart from their exclusives, Mimo 2 represents dozens of other trademarks, that can be found in the store, distributed in 5 areas, the kits, built models,die cast, slot and fire-fighters and a wide selection of accessories.

With the aiming of a sustained growth and market expasion, Mimo 2 follows the new technologies and set their first site, that functioned as a catalog of the available models for the world.


In 1996, Mimo 2 begins selling world wide, leaving the European borders, and flying to the American continent and conquers Japan.

The new world of Internet opens new perspectives to the world, and Mimo 2 doesn't miss the opportunity, in 2000, making a new site, complete with a big photographic support, and initiates the on-line selling. Mimo 2 becomes a reference all around the world and wherever a collector lives.

Apart from the selling of the models and accessories, mimo 2 offers a high quality service of construction kits.

Mimo 2 assists private collections, as long as the collection size justifies it.

In Mimo 2 you can still find a book section, where you can buy the automobile book you search for.

In this space you can also observe unique pieces of some of the best European artcrafters, authentic pieces of art and precision that can be appreciated by you.

With a pleasant environment, Mimo 2, excels at personalized attending, where collection stories are experienced, knowledge exchanges, and where everything lives and feels the automobile world and here you can visit the automobile history, learn how to build a kit and start their collection in the best way.

MIMO 2 waits for your visit, come and visit a place where the miniature automobiles are privileged and where competent people can clarify all of your doubts and help you to take a fantastic voyage through the marvelous world of the miniatures.

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